Gateway M-6884h Battery

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Specification of Gateway M-6884h Battery

  • Item: Gateway M-6884h Battery
  • Category: Gateway Notebook PC Replacement Battery
  • Item condition: New.
  • Warranty: Full 4 months.
  • Keep a spare for backup or to extend the battery life of your PC when traveling or for use in lengthy meetings or classes.

Information About Gateway M-6884h Battery

  • Item: Gateway M-6884h Battery
  • Stock Reference Number: XB-Gateway-1068
  • IN Stock - Ready to Ship
  • Actual item may vary from the sample image, shipment be made based on the model purchased.
  • US shipping time usually taking 3-7 work days.
  • The shipping time to other countries usually taking 9-15 work days.
  • Delivery time may be longer than the quoted time, depending on location and mail processing times.

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